Church Community Matters

I have recently started to inhabit a new church community. I want to talk a little about the differences between big and small churches, especially how community forms. Our new church is a plant from a very large, very successful megachurch that I will refer to as the “mothership”. We get new worship music from the worship band at the mothership. Most of our “methods” and “systems” come from the mothership. And frankly, we are a small to medium sized church. We have a sanctuary that seats about 300 people, and we have two services that are regularly about 2/3 full.

My wife and I have noticed that sometimes this church feels a little impersonal. It has a big church style small group ministry. We haven’t joined a small group yet. we have committed to doing so, and are waiting for the selected group to finish a special curriculum which should happen in a few weeks. We also haven’t started serving in any ministries yet. Continue reading “Church Community Matters”