Leadership and Passion

I want to write this post to reflect that ministries require leaders to accept different roles and responsibilities, and people gravitate toward one set or type. God has gifted and talented each of us with a somewhat unique set of qualities and strengths that make some roles easier and other harder. While there is significant overlap between major role groups, passion is often the determining factor of this gravitation. Continue reading “Leadership and Passion”

How We Treat Each Other

Mind you, I am writing this to myself as much as I am to anyone else. Leaders need to know how to treat others with respect and to be an encourager. Leaders need to balance this with the need to build trust and to help people be accountable.

I think that how we personally treat others who we work alongside in ministry is the greatest catalyst of deep connection within the body of Christ. I have also observed that it can be a powerful inhibitor for connection within the body. As leaders, one of the best ways to foster deep connection within our congregation is to have others work alongside us and each other to carry out the mission of the church. Continue reading “How We Treat Each Other”